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Rookie of the Year

The team rookies award winners are those athletes who show the most heart and perseverance during the season. They may not have had the best successes but they certainly showed their pride as a Badger.

Rookies of the Year


2015-2016 Elizabeth Aaltonen (F), Logan Wilford (M)
2014-2015 Sylvia Kim (F), Matt Snider (M)
2013-2014 Hannah Pass (F), Alex Busch (M)
2012-2013 Megan Smylie (F), Ian Smylie (M)
2011-2012 May Danchilli (F), Garret Glasbergen (M)
2010-2011 Jennifer Beaudette(F), Patrick Rodriguez (M)
2007-2008 Jacquelyn Anderson (F), Ken Dalton (M)
2006-2007 Melissa Kozlenko (F), Owen Deveney (M)
2005-2006 Lyndsay Elliot (F), Harm Kelly (M)
2004-2005 Helen Taylor (F), James Nicholson (M)

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