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Great teams don’t just happen. The experiences and memories of all those involved usually are the result of the coaches, supporters and builders who put tireless effort into inspiring those around them.


Brock University Athletics Hall of Fame

  • Ken Douglas – Builder
  • 1984 Women’s Foil


OUA Champions

  • 2011 Tim Svidnystskiy OUA Men’s Epee Champion
  • 1997 Jeff Prusinski OUA Men’s Sabre Champion


OUA Medalists

  • 2006 Hannes Leich OUA Silver Men’s Epee


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Ken Douglas Award

Douglas Award

Donated by and named for one of Brock’s original fencing coaches and highest achieving athletes. The Douglas awards is formed from a single piece of limestone from the now closed Queenston quarry. This very same quarry is just a short distance away from where General Sir Issac Brock died during the War of 1812. The …

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Rookie of the Year

The team rookies award winners are those athletes who show the most heart and perseverance during the season. They may not have had the best successes but they certainly showed their pride as a Badger. Rookies of the Year   2015-2016 Elizabeth Aaltonen (F), Logan Wilford (M) 2014-2015 Sylvia Kim (F), Matt Snider (M) 2013-2014 …

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Scepter of Idiocy

Unlike the MVP and Rookie award winners. The Scepter of Idiocy recipients are celebrated for their failures. We all have those moments of regret where you realize your brain simply wasn’t working. The team occasionally has good fun choosing the next victim winner.

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The Niagara Swordsmen Sportsmanship Award

The Niagara Swordsmen Sportsmanship Award is an award that recognizes the “good sport” of the Niagara Swordsmen and Brock Varsity Fencing. This individual should demonstrate a willingness to help the club and its fencers in a variety of ways, should be team oriented, be co-operative with both teammates and coaches, take pride in the sport, …

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