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The Niagara Swordsmen Sportsmanship Award

The Niagara Swordsmen Sportsmanship Award is an award that recognizes the “good sport” of the Niagara Swordsmen and Brock Varsity Fencing. This individual should demonstrate a willingness to help the club and its fencers in a variety of ways, should be team oriented, be co-operative with both teammates and coaches, take pride in the sport, and show heart in all they do.

2015-2016 Magda Nejman (Epee/Sabre), Jill Purdy (Trainer)

2014-2015 Jessie Vasquez (Foil)

2013-2014 Alex Preston (Sabre)


2009-2010 Ken Dalton (Epee)



2006-2007 Patrick O’Dea (Foil)

2005-2006 Patricia Valesco (Foil)

2004-2005 Kristine Richardson (Sabre)

2003-2004 Shonesee Devereaux (Foil)

2002-2003 Jennifer Stocovaz (Foil)

2001-2002 Amrit Kapoor (Epee)

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