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It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Adopt-A-Badger Program; a fundraising program intended to support Brock University Athletics by connecting you, the supporter, with the team, player, and/or coach that you know and love.

The Adopt-A-Badger Program is an initiative that will allow all supporters of Badger fencing an easy opportunity to generously donate much needed financial support to our financially challenged teams and athletes. All donations are tax deductible and all of the money goes in support of the varsity fencing team.

As a former student athlete you understand that participating in sport is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the university experience. It provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills and a tremendous work ethic, connect with the community, and be part of a winning tradition that is Brock Athletics.
Unfortunately, more and more students are losing this opportunity to participate in varsity athletics due to financial constraints. The cost of competition has increased at an exponential rate over the last five years. And now more than ever, athletic departments are feeling the strain of supporting several programs.

In 2006, Brock Athletics was forced to cut programming for figure skating, men’s tennis, golf and women’s lacrosse. This changing face has resulted in discussions around cutting programs and has forced the department to start charging student athletes fees to cover the costs related to competing, including team travel wear and jerseys, gym memberships for off-season training, athletic therapy fees, and food and beverage costs when travelling.
Recognizing this need, fundraising has become a top priority of Brock Athletics. Through the continued generous support of donors like you, the Adopt a Badger program financially supports your team’s student athletes by reducing team-related costs for which individual student athletes are responsible.
When you adopt a Badger, your gift will benefit all of the athletes of the fencing team.

As a former Brock varsity fencer, you have the power to continue Brock’s long-standing tradition of varsity athletics by supporting the Adopt a Badger program. Just as you devoted your time, energy, and finances to Brock fencing today’s Brock athletes are making the same commitments so that they may succeed in their chosen sport, in the classroom, and for life after university.
Please take a moment right now to fill out the pledge form on the enclosed brochure. Your gift to the Adopt a Badger program will ensure that more student athletes will have the opportunity to participate in varsity sports, in particular Brock fencing.

On behalf of more than 800 student athletes, and the Brock fencing team members, thank you for your consideration.

Tim M Stang
Head Fencing Coach

P.S. If you’re feeling the urge to put the whites back on and have a day of fencing, come out to our Homecoming Alumni Challenge (Rusty Blade Challenge)  September 2014

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